Returning from the hiatus

Yes, we're still here. No, episode 28 was not the latest episode.

First, here's a list of the most recent episodes. As always, these can be enjoyed on iTunes Podcasts, Pocketcasts — wherever finer podcasts are found.

Ep 29: No Man's Sky, Hearthstone, and a very old MMO -

Ep 30: No Man's Lie, Journey, and NX Dev Kits -

Ep 31: Mario on iPhone, PS4 Pro, and Nintendo 3DS -

As many amateur podcasts do, we seem to have gone on an extended hiatus. So, to get on to the disclaimers and excuses: as many of you know, I was hired as the news editor of a few months ago and have since been kept very busy creating content for that site, including the GT Reboot, the site's news and previews podcast (a more recent development). Needless to say, this all forced the ScreenWatchers podcast into an indefinite standstill.

A lot has happened since the podcast went dark: the NX was revealed to be Nintendo Switch, Red Ded Redemption 2 was confirmed, The Last Guardian was delayed AGAIN, and Donald J. Trump became our President-Elect. So many of these headlining stories mark seminal events that we at ScreenWatchers had been anticipating since the show's inauguration, scrutinizing every leak and every whisper on a weekly basis. With specific regard to the NX narrative, not a single substantiated pixel went unexplored on our silly little show — that is, up until the very moment of it's reveal! It was a momentous occasion for us when the Switch finally reared it's puppy-like edifice, one which we shared through constant streams of text messages and repostings, followed by a week of fervor so very much missed in my discussions of Nintendo. And it's a shame we failed to share the experience with you.


I cannot make any promises — especially during the holiday seasons. I only wish to let you all know that, while there are not many of you, you haven't been forgotten. If it returns, the show may take on a new form and will perhaps lessen in frequency. 

At the very least, I will promise more posts and updates. Perhaps to just panhandle my work, perhaps to announce the show's return. Stay tuned to find out!

Happy Holidays!