Pokemon GO developer implores players to "remain indoors"

Following several reports of Pokemon GO related accidents, a spokesperson from the app developer has warned users to refrain from searching for Pokemon outdoors.

Speaking at a press conference held this morning, James Willow (a practitioner of Pokemon pedagogy) said “While it may be tempting to walk around your neighborhood on a Pokemon adventure, we believe you all will find the experience to be equally enjoyable from the safety of your home.” He went on to remind everyone that the app’s official warning, which appears in the loading screen, clearly illustrates the dangers which await those who venture outdoors.

Willow also suggests that players avoid using the app while driving. Though he acknowledged that hunting for wild Pokemon on the road helps speed up the rate of captures and egg-hatches, Willow stated that playing games while behind the wheel is decidedly “less safe than texting while driving.”

Following the press conference, many irate fans took to twitter with criticisms. Twitter user @Raichuacheck complained, saying “i got nuthin but f***ing Doduo in my backyard! Better b gettin a pach for this sh*t!” Some have even theorized that this is a ploy to boost sales in microtransactions. “Hope they don’t think ima bout to spend that [money emoticon] on lures and insense,” said Twitter user @JohnCenaZapdos

Several hours after the press conference, the Pokemon Company responded to several comments on how Pokemon Gyms would be influenced, stating that they are “considering closing down all Pokemon Gyms” until they have figured out a solution. We have reached out to the Pokemon Company for a statement on whether or not the real-world establishments attached to these gyms (e.g. schools, churches, McDonalds, etc) would be in any way affected by these closures.