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Gaming Trend Podcast: Behind the music of Celeste - Lena Raine interview

Our special guest, composer Lena Raine, starts off our show to talk about the original soundtrack of Celeste, and how it reflects the game's themes of anxiety, inner conflict, and mountain climbing.

Gaming Trend Podcast - Composer Jon Everist interview

This week, special guest video game composer Jon Everist joins our show to talk about game music and to promote the special vinyl release of his soundtracks for the Shadowrun series. The vinyl records can be found at, and you can find out more about Jon's music at J

Prey's wonderful cycle of looting and wasting ammo in fits of fear

Noticing a lone Phantom Typhon lumbering across the narrow room I'm currently scavenging for materials, I quickly hunker down behind some cover and check my inventory. I only have four spare shotgun shells, but it should suffice to down the shadowy monster.

Don't miss this creepy house in Fallout 4

Bethesda Studios' open-world games have long been renowned for bursting at the seams with dense lore and narratological detail, and Fallout 4 is no exception. Every pile of wreckage has a story, every corpse a killer, and every room feels hauntingly lived in.

The Game of Thrones Finale Missed Its Chance to Show Daenerys' Perspective

Last week, possibly Game of Thrones' most controversial episode saw Daenerys Targaryen make a dramatic heel turn from a strong liberator to a terrifying genocidal conqueror, and fans were left wondering what put Dany over the edge. While it had been made clear throughout the show that Daenerys had a penchant for violence, her actions ...

Games to Play on the Switch While You Wait for the Link's Awakening Remake

Last week, Nintendo revealed its extremely cute remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and announced that it will be out later this year. The game was originally released on Game Boy back in 1993 and has since been widely regarded as one of the best 2D games of the franchise.

A Store of Fire and Dice: Long Island's Gaming Hub

"We bring the dice. You bring the fire." When first stepping into A Store of Fire and Dice, one can immediately see where it diverges from other gaming retail stores. To the left is your usual display of shelved video/board games, glass-encased figurines, and wall racks devoted to all the latest comics.

Looking back on the Titanfall 2 pre-alpha test

Titanfall 2 comes out this month, and its release falls smack in the middle of the two biggest annual titles of the industry.

How Hearthstone's esports leads learned from the World Series of Poker

This year Blizzard took its Hearthstone Championship Tour on the road, and it's never looked better. Since last year, the Hearthstone esports team has broadcasted from the Bahamas, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, leading up to this weekend's final 2017 HCT series hosted in Amsterdam. During this event's

Gaming Trend Podcast - Special guests from Hearthstone's Esports and Solo Adventures teams

This week, the show is all about Hearthstone! First, Hearthstone Esports leads Che Chou and Matt Wyble join me to talk about how they made the Hearthstone Championship Tour into an international event. After that, it's on to Kobolds and Catacombs; Art Director Ben Thompson and Lead Missions Designer

The Destiny 2 trailer's explanation for players losing gear is brilliant

Destiny 2 is officially on its way. Come September 8, the guardians of Earth will regroup in the aftermath of a calamitous attack to bring the fight back to the Last City's new enemy. And there will be a ton of loot!