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I have been writing all my life, but my work as a freelancer in games media began three years ago, when I got two MyIGN blog posts featured on the main page of IGN. After that, I completed an internship at GameSkinny (under the guidance of Jay Ricciardi and Auverin Morrow) and went on to find work writing game reviews for sites like TheVideoGames.co and IGCritic.com. During that time, I started ScreenWatchers, a blog to showcase my writing and a home for The ScreenWatchers Podcast. Through working on my blog and producing the podcast, I learned about working with online tools, got my hands dirty with various audio, visual, and video editing software, all while building up my portfolio.

In the summer of 2016, I applied for a job opening at Gaming Trend for Lead News Editor. After contributing some work to the site and getting to know the crew there, I landed the gig! On top of writing news stories every day for a year, I hosted interviews with developers and PR representatives, lead creative group projects, produced and co-hosted Gaming Trend's weekly news podcast, covered events like E3 and PSX both remotely and from the show floor, and created video content for Gaming Trend's YouTube and Twitch channel. It's a small team at Gaming Trend (mostly comprised of volunteer writers), so I made an effort to try on many hats within the outlet.

I now find steady freelance work writing for CGMagazine, and I am always looking for stories and work, so feel free to give me a holler via email or on Twitter. Or maybe you'd like to have a chat about video games, books, TV and other cool stuff; that's fine, too! I'm quick to respond to messages, and I'm a fan of meeting people.

Below you'll find some of my published work and my work resume. Once more, if you want to get in touch with me, send me an email (declara@cgmagonline.com) or give me a shout on Twitter (@joeydagobonuts).

Features & Interviews

The Game of Thrones Finale Missed Its Chance to Show Daenerys' Perspective

Last week, possibly Game of Thrones' most controversial episode saw Daenerys Targaryen make a dramatic heel turn from a strong liberator to a terrifying genocidal conqueror, and fans were left wondering what put Dany over the edge. While it had been made clear throughout the show that Daenerys had a penchant for violence, her actions ...

Games to Play on the Switch While You Wait for the Link's Awakening Remake

Last week, Nintendo revealed its extremely cute remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and announced that it will be out later this year. The game was originally released on Game Boy back in 1993 and has since been widely regarded as one of the best 2D games of the franchise.

Gaming Trend Podcast: Behind the music of Celeste - Lena Raine interview

Our special guest, composer Lena Raine, starts off our show to talk about the original soundtrack of Celeste, and how it reflects the game's themes of anxiety, inner conflict, and mountain climbing.

Nintendo Fans waiting for Switch Midnight Launch NYC [Gaming Trend]

Fans waiting outside the Nintendo World store in Manhattan, NY in anticipation of the Switch. Some waited for weeks outside the store, including famous YouTuber and Nintendo enthusiast, CND! Video footage shot by Alyssa Figueroa Edited by Joe DeClara Music by TheFatRat https://soundcloud.com/thefatrat/thefatrat-unity-1 CND YouTube account https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainNintendoDude http://www.gamingtrend.com

A Store of Fire and Dice: Long Island's Gaming Hub

"We bring the dice. You bring the fire." When first stepping into A Store of Fire and Dice, one can immediately see where it diverges from other gaming retail stores. To the left is your usual display of shelved video/board games, glass-encased figurines, and wall racks devoted to all the latest comics.


Super Mario Maker 2 Review

Like its predecessor, Super Mario Maker 2 is three things: an exceptional 2D platformer complete with dozens of challenging and imaginative stages; a level editor filled with everything needed to equip both the novice and the seasoned creator; and a hub to discover and play user-created levels.

Below (Xbox One) Review

The opening track to Jim Guthrie's soundtrack for Capybara's Below is titled "Moth to a Flame;" an apt introduction to the game's central premise. After nearly twenty hours, I cannot say what it is that pulls me to this game. It is unforgiving, even unfair at times.

One more time, old friend: Dishonored 2 review

Note: Dishonored 2 was co-reviewed by both Joe DeClara and Hunter Wolfe. Hunter The original Dishonored was a sleeper hit when it launched back in 2013. Like its protagonist, it came out of the shadows and captivated players with its open-ended level design and London-inspired steampunk setting.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch) Review

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has been home to a steady stream of re-released games from the Wii U library, which housed a few excellent games that never got a deserving audience due to the platform's catastrophic sales performance. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, a unique spinoff from the 3D Mario series, is Nintendo's most ...

Pure Farming 2018 (PS4) Review

Pure Farming 2018 seems to achieve what it sets out to do; deliver the most one-to-one simulated farming experience. It's a comprehensive recreation of life as a modern-day farmer, offering a vast aggregate of real farming vehicles-rendered with excellent detail-and complex farming and economy systems. Despite some technical issues and some lacking quality-of-life features, developer ...



PAX East 2016 Interviews

Prey - Review discussion - http://gamingtrend.com/2017/05/17/prey-gets-so-much-right-but-not-the-combat/

Dishonored 2 - Review in progress video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQwHjmGX-Gw