Writing Bio

I have been writing all my life, but my work as a freelancer in games media began three years ago, when I got two MyIGN blog posts featured on the main page of IGN. After that, I completed an internship at GameSkinny (under the guidance of Jay Ricciardi and Auverin Morrow) and went on to find work writing game reviews for sites like TheVideoGames.co and IGCritic.com. During that time, I started ScreenWatchers, a blog to showcase my writing and a home for The ScreenWatchers Podcast. Through working on my blog and producing the podcast, I learned about working with online tools, got my hands dirty with various audio, visual, and video editing software, all while building up my portfolio.

In the summer of 2016, I applied for a job opening at Gaming Trend for Lead News Editor. After contributing some work to the site and getting to know the crew there, I landed the gig! On top of writing news stories every day for a year, I hosted interviews with developers and PR representatives, lead creative group projects, produced and co-hosted Gaming Trend's weekly news podcast, covered events like E3 and PSX both remotely and from the show floor, and created video content for Gaming Trend's YouTube and Twitch channel. It's a small team at Gaming Trend (mostly comprised of volunteer writers), so I made an effort to try on many hats within the outlet.

I now find steady freelance work writing for CGMagazine, and I am always looking for stories and work, so feel free to give me a holler via email or on Twitter. Or maybe you'd like to have a chat about video games, books, TV and other cool stuff; that's fine, too! I'm quick to respond to messages, and I'm a fan of meeting people.

Below you'll find some of my published work and my work resume. Once more, if you want to get in touch with me, send me an email (declara@cgmagonline.com) or give me a shout on Twitter (@joeydagobonuts).