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The Game of Thrones Finale Missed Its Chance to Show Daenerys' Perspective

Last week, possibly Game of Thrones' most controversial episode saw Daenerys Targaryen make a dramatic heel turn from a strong liberator to a terrifying genocidal conqueror, and fans were left wondering what put Dany over the edge. While it had been made clear throughout the show that Daenerys had a penchant for violence, her actions ...

Games to Play on the Switch While You Wait for the Link's Awakening Remake

Last week, Nintendo revealed its extremely cute remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and announced that it will be out later this year. The game was originally released on Game Boy back in 1993 and has since been widely regarded as one of the best 2D games of the franchise.

Gaming Trend Podcast: Behind the music of Celeste - Lena Raine interview

Our special guest, composer Lena Raine, starts off our show to talk about the original soundtrack of Celeste, and how it reflects the game's themes of anxiety, inner conflict, and mountain climbing.

Nintendo Fans waiting for Switch Midnight Launch NYC [Gaming Trend]

Fans waiting outside the Nintendo World store in Manhattan, NY in anticipation of the Switch. Some waited for weeks outside the store, including famous YouTuber and Nintendo enthusiast, CND! Video footage shot by Alyssa Figueroa Edited by Joe DeClara Music by TheFatRat https://soundcloud.com/thefatrat/thefatrat-unity-1 CND YouTube account https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainNintendoDude http://www.gamingtrend.com

A Store of Fire and Dice: Long Island's Gaming Hub

"We bring the dice. You bring the fire." When first stepping into A Store of Fire and Dice, one can immediately see where it diverges from other gaming retail stores. To the left is your usual display of shelved video/board games, glass-encased figurines, and wall racks devoted to all the latest comics.