Music Bio

While I studied classical guitar for my bachelor's degree, I play many instruments, including keyboard, double-bass, drums, ukulele and other fretted instruments. I have taught guitar, piano, bass, and music theory—in both private and classroom settings—for over ten years, working at music schools like the Cadenza Music Center (Queens, NY) and the Oceanside School of Music (Nassau County, NY). I still teach at the Belle Arti Center for the Arts in Forest Hills, and I have begun developing my own private studio of students.

I focus my profession on education, though I have played live shows with rock bands, the Queens College Guitar Ensemble, and on my own at homely restaurants and bars. I also compose in my spare time, though these musical doodads usually manifest themselves in brief clips I use to serve my podcasts, videos, and other content. You can listen to said doodads and my cover performance rep on my SoundCloud page